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How Much Does A Locksmith Charge To Open A Safe?

Keeping your belongings secure in a safe is excellent choice but what do you do if you’re unable to open it?

Losing the key or forgetting the combination can be frustrating and quite exhausting and that exactly the time when you need the assistance of a professional locksmith who has the skill, knowledge and the right equipment to open your safe.

Average Cost for Safe Services

Most locksmiths typically charge a service call fee to cover the cost of travel and time spent for the services they provide and the average the cost of opening safes starts at $100 and ranges from $100 to $250 per hour. 

Wondering why it can be quite expensive? Well safes are designed to be difficult to crack which calls for great expertise and unique equipment!

Here are the factors that influence the cost to open your safe:

Type of Safe

The type of a safe may impact the cost as each has its own unique way of being opened while safes that come only with a combination lock can be less difficult to unlock than safes that come with both combination and key locks. 

High security safes are typically more expensive to open because of their complicated lock mechanism and stronger construction.

Time Required to Open

The complexity of the safe and the time it takes to crack it are factors that increase the cost and the hourly rate of a professional locksmith who is specialized in opening high security safes will be much more expensive than a regular locksmith who will come to unlock you car for example.

Tools Required

Depending on the type of safe locksmiths may need special tools in order to open them and while some safes can be unlocked using those special tools other high security safes might need to be cut by a circular saw or even to be weld which can also lead to a higher cost.

Location of the Safe

If your safe is portable and can be easily taken to a locksmiths workshop you’ll likely pay less compared to situations where the locksmith needs to travel to your location and in cases where safes are built into walls or floors locksmiths not only they will need to come to you which might involve service call fees added onto the final price but it will also take more time to open the safe as a precise work is needed in order not to damage your home.

It’s difficult to know the exact cost for opening a safe without getting a detailed quote from a locksmith who came and evaluate your safe type and the circumstances involved in opening the safe and in the end it’s up to you to decide how much it’s worth to access the contents inside your safe.

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