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How Cold Temperatures Affect Your Locks In Minneapolis

Living in Minneapolis comes with a challenge of dealing with freezing temperatures and during these periods your door locks and car locks do not seem to works like they do in warmer weather.

Extreme cold weather can have an impact on locks and freezing temperatures cause all metal parts within the locks to contract which can lead to misalignment of the lock and difficulties inserting or turn the key.

Frozen Locks

Moisture inside the lock can freeze in minus temperatures making it difficult and even impossible to turn the key. Cover the lock with a magnetic cover to keep moisture out and spraying graphite based lubricants can help to prevent the locks from freezing.

Contracting Metal

Metal contracts in cold temperatures and can cause misalignment between the lock and the key making it hard to unlock or lock the door. Regularly check the alignment of the lock and door frame and if necessary make adjustments to ensure proper fit.

Slow Locks

The cold can make the internal parts inside the lock get stiff which can make turning the key difficult. Again lubricate the locks with graphite based lubricants before winter begins.

Broken Keys

Because of the resistance caused by frozen locks there is a higher chance the key will break off inside the lock. Avoid pushing in the key in to a frozen lock and try to heat it up before.

Problems With Electronic Locks

For electronic locks batteries can drain faster in cold weather which might lead to a problem. Regularly check and replace batteries before they run out.

Lubrication Issues

Oiled based lubricants can thicken in cold weather which might disturb the smooth operation of the lock. Use graphite based lubricants instead as they are less likely to thicken in cold temperatures.

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