Open Safe

Safe Opening Services in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Door & Lock specializes in unlocking all type of safes at low price, with particular expertise in Sentry Safes include models with keypads, combination locks or electronic locks. we are the leading manufacturer of safes in Minneapolis. 

Our technicians are specifically trained to handle Sentry Safes and making them our most commonly serviced brand. In addition to unlocking we are equipped to provide maintenance and repair services for most safe types.


We can Change Codes

Our company is affiliated with Sentry and we are enabling to expedite the process of obtaining codes and keys for our clients, cutting the standard wait times and the need for a notarized letter required by Sentry to safeguard the safe owners and their valuables. 


Service under Warranty

If you require a change combination code in your safe’s or if the keypad is not working please contact us immediately. 

if your safe is under a year old please have your purchase receipt on hand and it may still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us today if you require a safe opening service!