Key Fob Programming

Key Fob Programming in Minneapolis Area

At Minneapolis Door & Lock we provide professional car locksmith services to meet all your needs. Our team of locksmiths is here to help you with any key fob issues. 

We offer key fob sale and programming services to enhance your convenience and security. Our technicians friendly and dependable so you can rest assured your car key fob problems will be the least of your concerns!

By let us programming your fob you will gain the ability to start your car engine and access to important functions in your car.

We Guarantee Our Work

Getting your key fob programmed is an efficient procedure that our skilled technician can handle with ease. Our team has the knowledge and tools to guarantee the functioning of your fob and allowing you to hit the road without any unnecessary setbacks.

24/7 Key Fob Replacement & Program Service

Minneapolis Door & Lock  dedicated to delivering best & fast service 24/7, our technicians available to assist you with any key fobs requirements including new fob programming. 

We take pride in providing expert work to offering you the assurance that your key fob will be programmed or replace accurately.

Don’t wait any longer, call us now and we will be more than happy to cut and program a new car key fob for you!